Boat Licence

QLD  1 day course. Saturdays 9am -3pm $29 deposit. $170 balance payable on day of course. (eftpos available)

  • Be at the Training Centre by 9am 
  • Bring your licence, passport identification 
This course covers theory and practical elements including the following units:
  • preparing a recreational vessel for operation
  • applying international and state regulations relevant to the operation of a recreational vessel
  • assessing weather conditions and forecasts
  • operating mechanical and electrical appliances of a recreational vessel
  • manoeuvring a recreational vessel
  • applying safety management processes on a recreational vessel.

Some of the practical activities you will need to be competent in are:

  • man overboard drill
  • safely approach a floating object
  • port and starboard turn on and off the plane
  • figure 8 manoeuvre on and off the plane
  • berthing and unberthing
  • general navigation and control of the ship
  • operate at 6 knots or less.

Upcoming Programs

Name Course Start Date Course End Date Deposit Amount
Boat Licence Course 16th September 2023 16/09/2023 $29.00