Boat Licence



  • Book online with $29 deposit or drop into our training centre at 1/6 Commerce Close, Cannonvale,
  • Be at the Training Centre by 9am 
  • Bring your licence, passport or some ID
  • Courses by arrangement monthly at Ayr (held at the Job Shop 180 Main Street)
  • Be 15 1/2 for training. 16 for the licence.
  • You dont need any boating experience before the day, but try and arrange some.
  • Review the "BoatSafe Workbook 6" below the day before you come in. Its on Google or we can email to you
  • Complete a medical disclosure on the day. If you are concerned about your medical fitness, tell us so we can give you information about getting marine licences with medical conditions. 
  • Course covers Registration, Safety Equipment, Regulations, Charts and Navigation, Practical Seamanship
  • There’s a 50 question multiple choice exam.
  • Then its on the water for practical training where we cover things like Mooring to a buoy, High speed turns, Man over boards and Docking.


Course Location Date
Boat Licence Course 23rd January 2022 QLD CANNONVALE - 23/01/2022