Boat Licence Cannonvale Airlie Beach Whitsundays $199 special 

Classes Saturdays

 “What do I need?” img_9112

  • 15 1/2 to start. 16 for a licence.
  • You dont need boating experience before the day, but we encourage you to practice – you may not be competent in just one day.
  • Book a Course only $29 deposit
  • Review BoatSafe Workbook
  • If you have a medical condition read this BoatSafe Medical Condition Fact Sheet
  • Heres the form completed on the day medical form  
  • Arrive by 9am  6 Commerce Close Cannonvale. It ususally finishes by 4pm. 
  • Bring licence, passport or some ID
  • Complete theory training covering
  1. Licence, Registration and Safety Equipment 
  2. Regulations & Seamanship
  3. Charts and Navigation
  4. Practical Seamanship

If you lack experience you can optionally complete pre study at  online course

  • There’s a 50 question multiple choice exam with 45 minutes to complete. 100% pass required
  • Then its on the water for a demonstration of what to do, practical training and separate assessment of:
    • Man overboard drill
    • Safely approach a floating object
    • Port and starboard turn on and off the plane
    • Figure 8 manoeuvre on and off the plane
    • Berthing and unberthing
    • General navigation and control of the boat
    • Operate at 6 knots or less

What you need to be able to do for the practical assessment

  • Once you complete your BoatSafe course, we give you a statement of competency for your application for a Queensland marine licence, valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Take this to the Cannonvale Transport Office and pay a fee for the issue of a licence.  Its behind Whitsunday Shopping Centre

Heres a video about the boating rules to watch