Boat Licence : Cannonvale QLD  

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 “What do I need for a Boat Licence?” img_9112
  • Be 15 1/2 to start training. 16 for the licence.
  • You dont need any boating experience before the day, but we encourage you to practice driving a boat with another licenced skipper before arriving at a BoatSafe course – you may not be competent in driving the boat in just one day.
  • Book a Course and its only $29 deposit
  • Review the BoatSafe Workbook  here or below the day before you come in
  • Complete a medical disclosure on the day. If you are concerned about your medical fitness, having a medical condition read this BoatSafe Medical Condition Fact Sheet and tell us so we can give you information about getting marine licences with medical conditions.
  • Heres the form completed on the day medical form  
  • Be at the Training Centre by 9am  6 Commerce Close Cannonvale. It ususally finishes by 4pm. 
  • Bring your licence, passport or some ID
  • Complete theory training covering
  1. Licence, Registration and Safety Equipment 
  2. Regulations & Seamanship
  3. Charts and Navigation
  4. Practical Seamanship
  • There’s a 50 question multiple choice exam with 45 minutes to complete. 100% pass required
  • Then its on the water for a demonstration of what to do, practical training and separate assessment where we cover:
    • Man overboard drill
    • Safely approach a floating object
    • Port and starboard turn on and off the plane
    • Figure 8 manoeuvre on and off the plane
    • Berthing and unberthing
    • General navigation and control of the boat
    • Operate at 6 knots or less
  • We provide the training required to know you are competent and then assessment until you are safe are can complete all required skills. Check out these links

What you need to be able to do for the practical assessment

  • Once you complete your BoatSafe course, we give you a statement of competency. You will need this as part of your application for a Queensland marine licence. Your statement of competency for completing the BoatSafe course is only valid for 6 months from the date of issue. Take this to the Cannonvale Transport Office and pay a fee for the issue of a licence.  Its behind Whitsunday Shopping Centre
Heres a video about the boating rules to watch