MED 2  full course 16th March $2399
“Whats involved in the MED2?”  

You can engineer with 750 kW Diesel Engines to 200 nautical miles.

What sea service do I need?
  • You need 180 days on commercial boats with diesels greater that 150kW plus a taskbook or 360 days without a taskbook.
  • If youve got a Coxswain 1 you need 120 days on commercial diesels above 150kW plus a taskbook or 240 without a taskbook.
Use the Sea Time Calculator 
“How does the course run?”

Its a 2 plus week block course with lots of practical experience on engines and vessels covering:

Work effectively with others
Maintain marine internal combustion engines, propulsion plant and auxiliary systems
Undertake basic maintenance of electrical systems
Complete engine room tasks
Maintain hull out of water
Operate and maintain extra low and low voltage electrical systems and equipment
Operate deck machinery
Operate marine internal combustion engines, and propulsion and auxiliary systems
Manage fuel systems
Operate and monitor marine internal combustion engines, propulsion plant and auxiliary systems
Operate electrical systems
Follow environmental work practices

Shipboard safety is extra and is required. Thats because most students already have it

Apply basic survival skills in the event of vessel abandonment
Follow procedures to minimise and fight fires on board a vessel
Meet work health and safety requirements
Survive at sea using survival craft

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