Master 35/4 $2990
“What do I need for a Master 4 “


  • Now called Master < 35 metres. You need 180 days qualifying sea service on commercial vessels > 24 m long, including 120 days as person in charge of a navigational watch, and a completed approved task book; or
  •  360 days qualifying sea service on commercial vessels >24 m long including 240 days as person in charge of a navigational watch
  • Course runs in two parts. The first runs parallel with the Master 24 metres and you will be running some of the practical drills as would occur on a vessel. Part 2 is specific to Master 35m and will be separate and held over two weeks

One of the first questions we get asked is “How long is the course?” In 2022 we have moved away from a set course to blended learning. Which means a mix of in house group training,  phone and zoom sessions.

Every student arrives with different abilities, skill and knowledge levels. We assess these and create an individual training plan which is only as long as needed to ensure you have the ability and knowledge required by regulations to carry out your job. During the course we re-evaluate where you are at, in case your plan needs adjusting with more/less training.

Our average student, aged 30 with lots of boating behind them, and lots of work and life experience could probably expect to complete 4 weeks face to face with practical training, and 6 zoom sessions.


  • Navigation and Position Determination
  • Passage Planning
  • Wheelhouse Equipment and Electronic Navigation Aids
  • Watchkeeping
  • Vessel Design, Construction and Maintenance
  • Regulations


  • Stability
  • Cargo Operations
  • Crew and vessel management
  • Vessel Handling
  • Propulsion and Machinery operation and management
  • Working at heights and Confined Space Entry

Training can be after hours and weekends on demand

  • QUEENSLAND 1/6 Commerce Close , Cannonvale
  • Other places do correspondence but there’s a low completion rate. Face to Face like we offer works best. 
  • Full payment required on commencement. There are payment plans available. .
  • Students who experience difficulties with completing the Master 35 may be more suited to completing more sea time first.
  • There’s an assignment or exam for each subject. Look at the list of subjects as each student is required to keep track of their own studies and progress.
  • A lot of research and study is required from each student before attending the block course as this is a time to consolidate knowledge already being gained and work as a team to close any gaps in skills and knowledge.
  • The course is very practical with on water navigation exercises and attendance at a slipway and engineering workshop
  • QLD schedule: On the last Friday we complete an on water practical voyage to near Hayman Island completing a night return and all the required drills. If you are deemed not meeting the assessment criteria you will need to obtain either more practical experience or theory knowledge which could take much extra time.
  • Grab a copy of Gandy’s Australian Boating manual and look through it in detail.abm
  • An interview assessment is held by us at the end of the course. This lasts approximately 1 hour and covers the required skills and knowledge for Master 35m.  A satisfactory result in this is required before being deemed competent and issue of certificate. 
  • Assessment by AMSA is then done for issue of the licence. It can be by the Cairns AMSA office of the Perth AMSA office